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Welcome to SexNerds!

SexNerds is a growing community of scientists, scholars, and everyday people interested in the science of sex. We’ll work tirelessly to bring you tons of new fact-based information about sex and all things related to it (attraction, dating, seduction, love, apps, porn… you name it!). We curate nearly 200 websites EVERY DAY, posting only those articles worthy of your time, dear reader. These include novel findings from ground-breaking studies, insights and suggestions from physicians, and reviews of science that bust myths and counter misinformation. We’ll post blogs on the science of sex several times a week, authored by physicians, professors, scientists, clinicians, and young scholars from around the world, with a focus on the information we think you’ll find well-worth knowing. We’ll be posting “Fun Sex Facts” several times a day on our social media, as well as generating sex-based quizzes with which you can test your own knowledge. Enough with the myths and superstitions: We’re SexNerds and for us, it’s all about the science!

This project is the culmination of years of thought, effort, and care, having evolved from simple dinner conversations among friends into what it has become today: An educational platform meant to disseminate valuable knowledge to the world. The seeds of this project were planted by Dr. Dale Brashers, one of the kindest, funniest, and brightest people one could ever hope to meet. He was the embodiment of joy and a role model for many, as well as one of the pioneers in the field of Health Communication. Dale died on July 5th, 2010, and those who knew him will attest that the world truly is poorer for his loss. We can also tell you that he’d take no small pleasure from watching SexNerds launch, with each new post, fun fact, and follower putting that merry twinkle in his eye that we all loved so much. It is in his memory that we launch, and with his spirit of boundless enthusiasm and sassy good humor that we get this show on the road. 

So join us, friend, and welcome. Welcome to a community of bright, engaged people who love science, love sex, and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty. It ought to be a fun ride. Be sure to join us on social media and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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Hi! We are SexNerds. We study the science of sex.

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