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Sex. The word, itself, can stop us in our tracks. It is at the core of the human experience, the thing that moves our species forward through time, and drives countless misadventures through our youth and beyond. Yet, we live in a world that has wrapped this experience and all things related to it in a shroud of stigma, shame, and superstition. Children are scolded for mentioning it, whispers are made on the school bus and lunch room about it, and hundreds of books are written yearly by armchair Casanovas on how to be good at it. As a result, misinformation about sex abounds, which is both widely disseminated and harmful in its effects. Yet, actual science is being done on sex and attraction every single day, including by some of the greatest minds out there. We have mountains of facts and studies on sex; we just have to get it out there to the masses.

We are a growing community of scientists, researchers, physicians, scholars, and people just like you. Our mission is to crack open the science and the strategies of sex, attraction, dating, love, biology, and sexual health. We want the world to have easy access to this information, so we’re going to give it to them.

Every day we pull content buried in scholarly journals and academic texts and present to you the findings of scientific studies on sex, both ground-breaking and new. We also curate nearly 200 sources every day that present novel scientific information. Trust us when we say that this is not the sort of stuff you got from your high school sex ed class; this is the stuff you’ll be mad you didn’t know sooner.

Follow us here and on our social media pages, then sit back and let the knowledge wash over you. We’ll take care of the rest.